Profile: Your partner for premium translations

Texts are sensitive semantic structures. Texts are many things but not mass-produced goods! In each sentence that we translate for you we aim for linguistic precision down to every last phrase. This is the fine art of translation, which is precisely the aim of each one of our translators.

Since 1986 we have specialised in producing expert translations in the following fields:

  • High technology mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, electronics, information and communication technology, aerospace
  • Advertising and corporate communications
  • Medical technology, medicine and pharmaceuticals
  • Legal agreements and certified translations

Top quality and uncompromising service are just as much part of what we are as our global presence, with our own translator network comprising more than 350 translators, interpreters and partner agencies*.
SMEs and international corporations operating in a variety of sectors benefit equally from the strength of our global presence.

* HIGH-TECH Hay is a founding member (1994) of EULOGIA - The Alliance of EUROPEAN Translation Companies.