Services: The perfect set to complement your translation

Close contact with the customer and a comprehensive range of services are the basis for our successful interaction with clients in Germany and around the world.
Even for rare languages and language combinations, we guarantee direct translation.

Out experts translate all these for you:

  • Specialised technical texts, manuals
  • Multilingual technical documentation
  • Annual reports, CI and corporate texts, websites for the global market
  • Marketing and advertising texts, slogans, advertisements
  • Medical and pharmaceutical texts
  • Contracts

Certified translations, text adaptations and interpreting services

  • Certified translations by publicly appointed and sworn translators
  • Stylistic, journalistic and promotional text adaptations
  • Simultaneous, consecutive and whispered interpreting (conference interpreters and interpreter teams)

Express service and instant service

We do everything in our power to deliver your translation reliably and on time, even to the tightest deadlines: whether within 24 hours as an express translation or with our 60-minute service.