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Never again lost in translation


... a network of more than 3500 translators and interpreters...

HIGH-TECH Hay GmbH Fachliteratur Übersetzungen was founded in Munich in 1986. Today – over 35 years later – we are the high-end specialist for specialised translations. Our fields of expertise include:

  • Aerospace

  • Mechanical engineering

  • Electrical engineering and medical technology

  • Specialised legal texts and

  • Corporate communications

Since 1994, HIGH-TECH Hay GmbH has been a founding member of the European Alliance of Translation Companies, also known as Eulogia. This development gave us access to a network of owner-managed translation enterprises and more than 3500 experienced translators and interpreters. So whenever a business needs to make a decision regarding superlative translations today, we a pleased to quote an Arab saying: “The voice of experience deserves the greatest credence.”


All translations are not equal. In the AI era, this is particularly true for sophisticated,

knowledge-based and safety- or security-relevant specialised texts. These demand technologically knowledgeable translators who possess

a high level of know-how. However, a defined, quality-oriented work process is equally essential. This rests on three pillars:

Firstly: absolute precision and reliability

Secondly: a coordinated, just-in-time workflow

Thirdly: individual, personalised client orientation.


In the leading-edge technology sector, the documents that clients need translated are generally specialised texts with a high safety or security relevance.

Translations that fall short of absolute precision potentially have consequences that can prove expensive, and in the worst case can seriously endanger life and health. To ensure that this does not happen,

we collaborate exclusively with the best and most competent technical translators in the business.

Just in time

At the latest within 24 hours after receiving your translation inquiry, we will inform you of the exact timeframe which we require for your project.

We kick off the project just as soon as we receive your official go-ahead. And by the way:

we recommend our SIXTY-MINUTE SERVICE for short translations (up to 150 words), which is proving ever more popular. Either way, you can depend 100% on the timeframe we quote you in advance.


& individual

HIGH-TECH Hay works with every client directly, individually and professionally at all times.

For us, that means communicating literally

person to person – no voicemail menus or AI-driven server responses. We respond to all your questions

and inquiry immediately and without delay – at all times.

Image by Joel Filipe

Our team

Corina Hay, Gründerin & CEO bei HIGH-TECH Hay GmbH

Corina Hay

Founder & CEO

Kristina Königseder, öffentlich bestellte und beeidigte Überesetzerin und Dolmetscherin für die spanische Sprache

Kristina Königseder

State certified and

publicly appointed and sworn

 translator and interpreter, 

proofreader and project manager


Corinna Ströbele

State certified translator,

proofreader and project manager


Carmina Fernandez,

SState certified translator, proofreader and project manager

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