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Our strengths

As a professional provider of translations in the high-end, high-tech segment, we classify all inquiries according to the job-specific requirements. This relates to both strictly technical as well as organisational aspects, and enables us to ensure a rapid, solution-oriented workflow.

The following is a brief outline of the types of services we provide.



Specialist translations

This segment covers all jobs that require industry-specific expertise and a high level of know-how in a specific sector. Whether aerospace, medical technology or contracts: at HIGH-TECH Hay, we ensure that translations from specific subject areas are prepared by suitable, highly specialised translators who understand the special linguistic characteristics, the cultural conventions, the legal standards and the different units of measurement. And who of course are skilled in the use of sophisticated computer-aided translation (CAT) tools and translation memories.


Certified translations and confidential translations

Individual countries differ significantly in their approach to legal documents. For this reason, we work exclusively with publicly appointed and sworn specialist translators in this sector: this is the only way to ensure that the translation is recognised by all authorities of the respective country, regardless of whether your text is a contract, legal instrument or notarial document.

Where the subject matter of the text is confidential, we guarantee that all persons involved will strictly observe all non-disclosure requirements. We require all persons who work with us to sign a non-disclosure agreement especially to ensure this. In this segment as well, we are the partner you can rely on.

Beglaubigte Übersetzungen
Post Editing bei HIGH-TECH Hay GmbH



Increasingly, clients are asking us if we can critically review and expertly revise machine-generated translations. This entails a critical evaluation of grammar, spelling, punctuation, register, style, coherence and terminology. Our expert linguists additionally ensure that translations always suit the context and optimally address the target group.

The expertise required to successfully achieve this comprises an understanding of the respective culture, adaptation of terminology to match readers’ expectations and know-how, and finally an understanding of the intended use. In every case, the aim is to arrive at the most authentic and clear, i.e. readily understandable, translation possible.


and subtitling

Particularly in the audiovisual sector (video/film/audio files), many of our clients need written transcriptions of the spoken texts.  The texts are then translated into the target language(s), integrated in the videos, and often synchronised.

Transkription und Untertitelung


Conference interpreters and interpreter teams

Our large clients in particular often also need skilled interpreting. They may require simultaneous interpreters, chuchotage interpreters, conference interpreters or even entire interpreter teams. We provide our clients with the most skilled specialists for each country, sector and topic.


Express service and immediate turnaround

Not everything can be planned out weeks and months in advance. And specialised translations are no exception. Accordingly, our clients turn to us when they require urgent rush jobs. Here as well, our top priority is to prepare high-quality, dependable translation solutions – within a short time frame.  Any translation service provider that offers express service must have a high level of staff flexibility. HIGH-TECH Hay additionally provides its clients with a five-step procedure to make the process as simple and transparent as possible:


  1. The client provides a file with the text to be translated (or a rough draft) via email one or two days in advance, specifying the desired target language, the timing and the deadline.

  2. Once we receive your inquiry, we select the right specialist translator for your job.

  3. We work out the project specifics and resolve any questions the translator may have together with you. Then the client approves the job, and

  4. we deliver translation punctually as of the agreed delivery date.

Eil- und Sofortservice
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