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Never again lost in translation

Welcome to the HIGH-TECH Hay blog

Corina Hay, founder and CEO of HIGH-TECH Hay, invites you to visit her company’s exciting new web platform. Over an exciting career spanning more than 30 eventful years, Corina has earned wide recognition as a provider of premier language services. In that time, she grew her start-up into one of the leading companies in the translation industry, particularly for specialised technical translations. Time and again, this agile enterprise has maintained its position in the face of tough competition and asserted its leadership role. To this day, Corina provides high-value services to well-known customers from high-tech industries, such as aerospace, who expect consistent top performance and seamless service.

There are good reasons why today, HIGH-TECH Hay stands for

high-end translations in the high-tech sector.

We are now proud to present our new website, which for the first time adequately showcases the exceptional quality of our services. Its spare and excitingly elegant design conveys its content clearly, understandably and dramatically.  The website maximises the value of its content and presents it in a succinct yet engaging manner.

The new design is the result of an intensive creative process that Corina Hay, Kristina Königseder (project manager, translator and interpreter) and Hajo Depper (creative director, copywriter and brand trainer) engaged in jointly over an extended period.

The result is a website that dramatically showcases the exceptional performance spectrum of HIGH-TECH Hay GmbH. Our new slogan "Never again lost in translation" succinctly emphasises that HIGH-TECH Hay, with its access to a highly professional pool of more than 3,500 specialist translators worldwide, can handle any project, no matter how challenging. The comprehensive online platform also offers visitors a fascinating, extremely informative, user-friendly experience that conveys a wealth of valuable information. The new HIGH-TECH Hay website provides sustained value. It is a powerful, user-oriented tool that we are continually and dynamically optimising to better fulfil user needs. It offers blog posts on current events and developments as well as dialogue options for contributions and questions, and of course tools for enquiries and order generation. With this in mind, HIGH-TECH Hay hopes all our visitors will enjoy our informative and engaging offerings – we’re looking forward to your feedback!




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